6 Things You Should be Recycling in Your Home

Recycling is one thing we should be doing regardless of what our philosophical creed or political belief is. There are a lot of benefits that recycling provides in our environment. It saves resources, saves energy, conserves landfill space, and reduces pollution. For 13 years now, America Recycles Day on every 15th of November has been the only day nationally recognized that promotes recycling programs. But despite this, we just still toss away things that we think not usable, recyclable anymore or call services like Dumpster Rental Brockton, MA without identifying first, the materials that can be still be recycled and reused. Recycling bottles and plastic items are mostly practiced by many, but we should not stop there.  

The following are the list of things you need to recycle: 


Polystyrene exists in your styrofoam, packing peanuts, food trays, CD jewel case, cups, and the like, and it uses petroleum to be produced. This means that materials that have polystyrene also have petroleum, making them unsustainable to the environment. To help lessen the consummation of these materials, recycling is a good option. Just be aware because polystyrene can cause eye and skin irritation, and long-term exposure can lead to central nervous and reproduction systems damage. 

2.Gadgets like computers and televisions 

Rapid technological evolution makes it easier for us to replace technologies in the house. However, these materials contain heavy metals like mercury and lead. If they cannot be recycled anymore, the last resort you have is to dispose of them properly because small exposure to these chemicals is not just harmful to the environment but also humans. 

3.Aluminum Cans 

Aluminum cans are some of the most common waste can be found in every trash bin, both in residential and commercial. Little do we know that these items are one of the first targeted for consumer recycling because they are easy and cheap to recycle. 


Old paints in the past usually contained lead in them, but now, most paints do not have it anymore. However, paints still have a lot of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. So, reuse any old latex paint you have by mixing it with new paints. When it comes to oil-based paints, they cannot be recycled so make sure you have proper disposal of these items. 

5.Batteries and bulbs 

Americans throw 180, 000 tons of disposable and rechargeable batteries per year. These batteries contain mercury and lead that destroy the environment. Car batteries contain 60 % lead while the rest compositions are plastic and acid. So as long as they are reusable, do not toss them away in the trash bin.  

Aside from that, your LED, fluorescent, and incandescent bulbs can also be recycled. Think of some creative ways on how to recycles these bulbs to avoid the impact they could provide to the environment.  

6. Old beach accessories 

Your sand pails and shovels can break down over time. This also applies to your old umbrellas and lawn chairs or swings. When you have materials like broken plastic, it is important to check which type of plastic materials they are made of before taking them to the recycling center. Or, you can be creative and use them as house and garden designs. 

Other things you can recycle are your steel cans, corrugated cardboard, newspaper, and more.  

It is important that we keep a healthy environment for future generations, and recycling, reusing some of the materials at home is one big step for achieving that goal. So, before you toss away your plastics, cans, bulbs, or anything you think are not valuable anymore, try to get creative and use them for other purposes. 

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